Happiness doesn’t start with your relationships


Happiness doesn't start with your relationships

If you’re not happy with yourself, you carry that inside and you take it with you where ever you go. So in conclusion, you won’t be happy at work, you won’t be happy in a relationship because you will be dependent on that person to make you happy, but as soon as they leave and you’re left alone & are left with your unhappiness. That is why when you move (out of town example) to search for happiness, you won’t find it because happiness lives inside you, no where else. ~ Brigitte Nicole

Don’t put your happiness in another’s hand, whether it be people, places or objects. The moment they are made responsible then they own you and can therefore take it away. Someone (yes, I mean you) needs to broaden their mind and be more open, otherwise you’re going to constantly be on the back foot and defensive and therefore not completely happy. There is a quote: “Happiness is not doing what one likes, but liking what one has to do”. Try it! ~ Jodi Rickard 

If you are not happy with you, how could you be happy with anyone else?

If you have no water in your glass, you cannot get anyone else wet. If you have no personal joy in you, you will not find it in any part of your life no matter how hard you seek it. People and things may give you some temporary solace, but they will never fill you with unending joy. ~ Elizabeth O’Steen 

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