Hardest Decisions – Choosing whether to walk away or try harder


Hardest Decisions - Choosing whether to walk away or try harder

When you know you have given your all and nothing is changing you have to face the hard facts and decide what is best for you. ~ Judy MacDonald 

Walk away is best option, the more you try with no succeed, the worse you end up.

Sometimes, to quit doesn’t mean you are weak. It means that you are strong enough to let go. ~ Tilly Padayachee 

Sometimes you have too walk away especially if the people you care about are using, manipulating you, people that cheat, lie, steal. etc ~ Sara Englin 

No person would walk away if they were appreciated, nor have to try harder if they were valued. This applies to love, family and career. ~ Aries Faraon 

You can only try your hardest. When you look in the mirror and don’t recognize the person looking back because in trying you have lost yourself then it’s time to walk away. A heart will heal but only if you give it a chance and remove the power other people have to hurt it. ~ Natalie Booth 

You have to be absolutely sure that you have done everything you possibly can before you decide to walk away. If the other person does not respond then (for sure!) walk away. ~ Barbara Schroeder 

Nothing worth having comes easy. The hardest thing to do is wait and let time take care of things. We, as humans, want everything now. If you’re meant to be with a person it’ll happen. When it’s supposed to, not when you want it to. ~ Lee Randall 

Walk away, if love is meant to be it will come back. Fear of the unknown is what holds too many in a place where there is no real happiness and love. Move on, because God has another door for you to go through. I had to learn this the hard way, and it only holds you back as a person who is worthy of so much more. ~ Cheri Read 

I tried he didn’t. No good if only one trying and one isn’t. In the end I told him to go and he did without any hesitation. Least all the stress gone out of my life now and I know I’m worth a thousand of him. ~ Anne Loughran 

I’m exhausted! I can’t try any harder.. its time to put on my walking shoes. ~ Dani Martin 

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