I consider love to be more than just a word


I consider love to be more than just a word

We have to feel love, not anything else, because love help us to open our heart and mind and live more profoundly, in harmony and unity with the universe. ~ Cristian Surugiu

If you couldn’t find happiness in your partner then love is not. Find your way out. Somebody once said, it’s better to live in a place where love is king than to have eternal life where love is not. ~ Carina Flores

Love is unconditional & has no boundaries. One does not see love with their eyes. It is felt deep within the heart & soul. Good times or bad times. True love never dies. ~ Pamela Saunders

If you find someone that adds to your life and doesn’t take away from it, you are starting with a good foundation. ~ Patty Lovetro

Decision must come from your mind and heart in choosing life’s mate. ~ Delia Azores

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