If someone were throwing stones at me


If someone were throwing stones at me

You build a wall and the good can’t come through. Put up a negative shield that the bad stuff bounces off and the good comes though. At least that’s what I try to do. ~ Kathie Williams 

This is how, throughout my long life, built fortress walls around my emotions that, while they’ve protected me throughout the years, have prevented anyone from getting close enough to love me. Don’t build walls, just get yourself far enough away that the brick thrower can’t reach you. ~ Jeani Brent 

All the walls can keep you from trusting & enjoying life too. As I take down each stone of the walls I have built to remind myself I’m not the same person who allowed people to hurt me & I too have a voice to say what I like & what I want & will enjoy it. Standing up & facing the problem really brings freedom. Also knowing I want to be better, doesn’t mean everyone else does. But when you stand tall, usually the ones that made you think you needed to build walls of safety around yourself get uncomfortable & learn to let you live or the leave you alone so you can live out loud like everyone else. ~ Shelly Wilson 

I was hurt deeply at one time. I have built a wall around my heart and I will tell you that wall keeps me from getting hurt again. ~ Unknown

The only way to protect your heart, yourself. Evil minded folks don’t change; only modify their attitude to get their way. That wall is self-respect & protection. ~ Liana Minato 

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