If you are giving your all to someone


If you are giving your all to someone

No one can make someone love them, either they do or they don’t, “Love doesn’t hurt but loving the wrong person does.” Why waste your time and energy on someone whom you think needs the kind of love you have to offer or that they may be your soul mate.” If it’s not returned its not love, no matter what he or she has said to make you believe that they are in a “POOR ME” situation, or whatever their excuses are for their “unwarranted unhappiness” or maybe they say they fell victim of feeling sorry. Fairy tales can feel good for awhile but Idol promises are just that! Wake up, respect yourself! If someone falls out of love with the situation they are currently in and really wants to be with you, at whatever cost, then maybe you have a chance, but more than likely that someone is too selfish to follow thru, and if the recipient of these tactics is fully aware of the current situation and still entertains the happily ever after, well, good luck! That third person doesn’t deserve anything less than the truth so shame on both of you. If deception and lies are the case, beware, you really are not immuned from getting the same treatment at some point. You know the old saying what goes around will come back around. ~ Sandy McLeod 

When someone’s soul is not aligned with yours‚ send them love and move on.

When your the one doing all the giving, and it’s taken but not reciprocated, in particular when it involves honesty, consideration and sensitivity for each other. If/when this happens it’s time to let go and move on. There are people out there that are much more deserving of what you have to offer. Why waste it on someone who doesn’t? ~ Al Enrico 

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