If you find someone who watches out for you


If you find someone who watches out for you

It’s easy to take each other for granted. Unfortunately the threat of loss keeps us vigilant or the feeling of warmth from appreciation. Choose wisely. ~ Sonia Christi 

It’s good to have a friend to share with cry, to laugh and to lean. When your down friend will lift you up, helping to carry the load. Very hard to find and few is faithful. ~ Editha Jallorina 

A precious treasure such as this should be cherished and held dear for clearly this is a blessing from heaven and a very rare find indeed. They make all the difference in our lives and make living worthwhile. ~ Margaret Young 

Nowadays people don’t care about playing with your emotions until you touch them by leaving them and let go of the burden. It is a use me thing and thinking that they getting away with all that the human eye don’t see God see it all, so continue lying and scheming it will come to you in the end. ~ Kaevetta Hinson 

I strive to be that person for everyone close to me in my life and I have a few very good friends and family who look out for me. ~ Jazz Min 

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