It’s not about people who act true to your face


It's not about people who act true to your face

Every smiling face is not your friend.

Just be happy with what you do and have the confidence to stay true to yourself. Screw the others. They don’t matter.

When you see those “friends” talking about other friends behind their backs, know they’re talking about you behind yours. ~ Denise Miller 

Interesting how people will say one thing to your face and something completely different behind your back to someone else which causes a lot of problems. ~ Katherine Thompson 

Once you open your eyes you can clearly see who is ‘true’ to you and who simply smiles and talks behind your back. I call them the ‘smiling assassins’. The one thing I have learnt is to simply move on from certain social circles and you suddenly reach a point in your life that brings you nothing but happiness and peace. It’s an amazing feeling to have people around you that love you right back – no gossip, no rumors just honest and true friendship. ~ Isabella Potocki 

It is worthy to live when you know that someone love you and stay behind you.

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