Let go of the past Hurt


Let go of the past Hurt

Let go of bad past as lesson learnt, cherish fond memories of the past.

Forgiveness is the key. Truly forgive, whether it is yourself or someone else and you will be able to let go of the past and it is such a peaceful feeling. ~ Georgia Turner 

The first time letting go is the hardest, but I can guarantee you, if what you aren’t letting go of is because of the fond memories (instead of the constant toxicity) then know you will always have those memories. The first time you release the negative and realize how wonderful it feels, it gets easier and easier until you don’t have to anymore. ~ Candace Marie 

You should take a chance when the past is holding you back but its a comfort zone and you know in yourself that its never gonna be the same but the letting go and moving forward and never looking back is the hard part its called change. ~ Santanna Dolly 

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