Walk away immediately from anything that gives you bad vibes


Walk away immediately from anything that gives you bad vibes

Not good to keep those things in your life that drag you down. Surround yourself with positive and supportive people and things. 

If you know what’s right from wrong you could sense it right away if you need to stay or leave. I always trust my gut feeling, it’s God’s way to protect me from harm. ~ Connie Brown 

When I get bad vibes, my habit is to tell myself I’m being paranoid, ridiculous,etc. ‘BUT,’ I think I’m getting past this. ~ Carrie Barber 

If I make a mistake of expressing that I have a concern that comes from intuition, I am told by others that I am being negative. I try to not live by my fears, but most often I find out I should have listened to that “voice.” ~ Amy Carles 

The difference is whether the feeling came before the thoughts (intuition), or the thought before the feeling (paranoia). Sometimes the feelings are even there with no real thoughts as to why. You just know something’s off. Trust that. Just don’t jump to the conclusion that you know the specific reason. ~ Loretta Curtis 

This knowledge comes regrettably a bit late in the day to salvage and restore all that I’ve lost through a blunder of my own making. If I knew then what I know now, I would have dutifully listened to my inner voice, guided by my gut instincts, followed my intuition and sixth sense to the letter, then I wouldn’t be enduring the sorry consequence of my pitifully misjudged inaction. Suffice to say, the experience had been a mighty harsh, costly and painstaking lesson in the learning and am still paying the steep price of my negligence and lack of judgement. Nevertheless, the regrets I have to live with forever more will serve as a constant and painful reminder never to ignore the writing on the wall with the blatantly obvious truth staring one in the eye and acknowledge, unquestionably whatever message and signal your inner voice is trying to impart. The blame is solely mine as surely as is the tragic price exacted for my wilful ignorance. ~ Margaret Young 

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