You’re better than they think you are


You're Better Than They Think You Are

Not to get involved in drama and by doing that you’re proving you are better than they thought you were. This quote is not telling you to go and prove yourself in “general” or prove yourself all the time. Its linked the the drama part; as you don’t partake in drama (their crap) you are proving you are better than that, Shake that drama and prove your better than they thought you were (all in one sentence) means by not getting involved.

If you’re indeed doing good or what’s right to do, then, don’t fear because having fear doesn’t help. Fear puts people in shock. Have faith in you & in all that you do, shake off all that stress too. Heart & soul & keep going & if it helps, think of it this way. They don’t go to work for you, they don’t pay your bills & if you happen to have them at work, then respect yourself even more & ignore their horrible attitudes. Don’t fall into their horrible way of being. So believe in you, have faith, respect everyone, even if they don’t like you because human beings are human beings & no human being is ever going to be all that perfect. If you’re giving your best at heart & soul at some goal in your life & someone that’s part of that goal or others don’t value your efforts, your work or your will to do good, you have to keep on going & don’t let their negative feelings bring you down. ~ Morella Zapatel 

Who cares what other people think of you. Live your life with integrity and just do what you want. Life is too short and this is not a dress rehearsal. Go for what you want. ~ Katie Le Chevalier

Just be yourself. It’s the only one, you can be, regardless of what anyone thinks. I like the freedom of being me, no approval needed. Peace! ~ Diana Preneta

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