Like a child, Be happy for no reason


Be happy for no reason, like a child

The reason why GOD tell us to be like an innocent child is to be carefree, no worry, no trouble & no hatred. A child don’t understand what is ifs and dont’s of life. He only knows happiness. ~ Mariejoy Bautista 

Happiness comes and goes. We must live all minutes of this ‘time’ as it would never be repeated again. Happiness doesn’t continue all long our life, but we can live this feeling only a few minutes or hours. ~ Aylin Ebilova 

Unfortunately, most of the time we are lured into a temporary state of happiness by material things which lasts only briefly. Lasting happiness originates from within & provides peace & contentment, not a momentary excitement. ~ Monica Salerno 

The reason is that you are just happy because of that inner peace you have. You may have nothing left. All have been taken away, but still you try to make the most of what you have. Hence, why you have that inner peace and true happiness. ~ Sharmi

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