Love the people who treat you right


Love the people who treat you right

As you get older you realise there is no point in investing in people who are mean. Sadly I know a few I’ve walked away from now and that’s exactly how I saw it, focusing on those that you love and who love you right back. ~ Cathy Craddock 

It’s so liberating to free yourself from people who think they are better than you. Our lives got so much easier when we surrounded ourselves with like minded people who share the same interests and goals. ~Donne Jean Fulton 

It’s much nicer to be happy in life and don’t mind other people who makes you feel bad. Life is really short, make your life worth living. ~ Jorun Holstad

I stay clear of the Drama Queens. I have had enough roller coaster rides with people. Tired of living my life around their moods. Too much living to do to be bothered with that. ~ Debbie Mosny

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