No one has the right to judge you


No one has the right to judge you

Walk a mile in my shoes before you judge me.

No one will have a full understanding of the other even though both had encountered the same experience as each of us is individual, unique and special. With different frequency, your thought may not be mine, thus, we can only relate from one another. ~ Michelle Tay 

Protecting yourself from those who continually rely on others to survive may be judging but it also is a means of protecting yourself from ruin from others poor choices. How many more times must we listen to people bleeding who continue to beat their hands on the same stone walls of disaster. Same methods. Over and over that lead them to last several disasters. Not listening to rational means to avert the same result. Stop knocking on doors that you have overused. There are hurting people behind them whom you continue to hurt by your continuous please to empty their pockets for you. Feeling sorry for yourself? Some of us have more on their plates then you have ever had nightmares about. Wake up and learn to support a family instead of wasting what you have on selfish endeavors and looking to others to do your job. ~ Jack Molik

None of has the right to judge others since we have own individuality, own struggles in life. Examine yourself first before you judge others. Remember, no one is perfect in this world. We are all equal in God’s eyes. ~ Modelinda Bazan 

No one has walked in your shoes and knows the troubles you have seen. 

Sometimes people tell others, “l understand how you feel.” but I tell myself, “You can say it but can’t understand since you can’t feel the way l do.” ~ Lucie Karimi 

Those who spend their time looking for the faults in others usually make no time to correct their own.

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