People are meant to cross our path for a reason


People are meant to cross our path for a reason

Some for a day, some for a season & some for a lifetime. It’s up to the individual person to ‘access’ who fits in which category. Hard to accept at times when fate steps in & you find yourself without a certain someone that you’ve had in your life, & now the’re gone. ~ Debbie Lockhart

Sometimes in a good or bad situation, we are meant to learn from each other. Life’s lessons come through the journey we travel as time goes by.

Everything happened in our life had a meaning. We have just to take time and think about it.

It is just kind of how life works. It really is the circle of life, then comes the butterfly effect. ~ Lisa Russell 

We may not see the reason now but eventually we see the reason and realize what happened was the best under the circumstances.

Good or bad. There’s always a reason! They all have their own purpose.  Some to stay. Some to go. All with a lesson. 

All meetings have the potential to encourage growth within ourselves, to truly love and accept ourselves for who and what we are in this moment, every moment. ~ Jenny Funston

People come into our life be it a good or bad experience. God ask that we forgive everyone and sometimes that is very difficult for us to do. Especially when there are deep emotions and pain involved with the process. Forgive, forget, move on. Don’t listen to what others have to say ignore them, and only hear the words of God. Don’t lower yourself to gossip, he said, she said. We do walk away from ever encounter with new found experience, trials and tribulations become our testimonies. Just remember that God loves you and in the end that’s all that truly matter. Hope you find a way to move forward quickly, don’t allow anger to still your inner peace. ~ Brenda Thyrre 

Some can be very selfish and heartless. These people are put in your life, so you know what you don’t want to be. 

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