Sometimes people won’t understand how you feel


Sometimes people won't understand how you feel

I do not want people to experience the pain I’ve experienced. If they don’t understand that is ok. Friends are suppose to be there, quietly supporting you even if they don’t understand. ~ Lou Christie 

Often people allow themselves to dislike and/or hate others because they do not understand; then they treat those people badly, and/or behave carelessly, and hurt them. Understanding others helps us treat each other with kindness and compassion; having empathy allows us to understand enough to behave appropriately/peacefully, without having suffered something similar first, and helps us avoid causing further suffering. ~ Mari Cammarata 

People hurt in many different ways for many different reasons and it affects everyone. Everyone needs support at times throughout their life. It’s just a case of asking. ~ Rick London 

There will always be someone who doesn’t understand, but I try to surround myself with those who do, or at least know that I’m hurting and it makes it easier to heal and move on, it’s a slow process, but I’m healing. ~ Tricia Warren 

I ask God to make all people go through some kind of legitimate pain and struggles so that we all become more understanding and more caring. ~ Zach Ezung 

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