People that often criticize your Life


People that often criticize your Life

People take an image of someone’s past and apply it to their future without thinking that some people actually have the ability to change and become a better person. ~ April LePotvin 

They could be the people you have so arrogantly judged over the years and “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” is biting you in the judgemental rear end. ~ Tamara Wiley 

Human tendencies is to judge others not focusing on ourselves because we’re in denial that we too have our own frailties and flaws. Sometimes too, its the same people you have judged over the years and now the judging has turned the other side and its not pleasant. Why worry about those people who don’t know the real matter how you explain yourself till you are blue in the face it will not make any difference. Its just a waste of time and breath, I will just focus on the betterment of myself and how to help others including those who have misjudged, undermine and misunderstood me. ~ Norma Powell 

It’s indeed a sorry state of affairs when folks have a nasty tendency to be extremely judgemental without any first hand knowledge or clue about what had been endured. Its a sad fact that its human nature to act as judge and jury and equally quick to pass instant judgement by recklessly tarring everyone with the same brush when the actual fact is so far removed from the truth. To be able to put oneself in the self same picture by likewise experiencing what the other went through to give one a better, clearer and more realistic view and notion as to afford a fairer and more accurate opinion. In my humble opinion, people should leave well alone and concentrate on their own affairs and leave others to theirs. ~ Margaret Young 

If everyone was aware of one another’s past history and personal pain and was sensitive enough to empathize, no one would judge anyone. ~ Roxanne Master  

They can’t understand/relate, simply because they have never gone through the same certain situation. We all are different. Some people can’t even comprehend that. ~ Tracy Hering 

I try real hard not to comment or worry about what people think, because it is a waste of good energy. Just living my life like it’s golden with the help of the Lord. ~ Evelyn Smith 

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