People try to expose what’s wrong with you


People try to expose what's wrong with you

It’s easier to find the needle in the eye of others then the beam in one’s own eye. ~ Walter van den Heuvel

Judging someone doesn’t make you any better.

Some people are not happy with themselves so they find it easier to be critical to someone else.

The sad part is that they genuinely think they are helping you, whereas in reality they are being just judgmental. ~ Riju Krishna 

Sometimes people try to expose what’s wrong with you because they can’t handle what’s wrong with them.

They are insecure of themselves and have to put you down to make themselves feel better.

Some people look through critical eyes all the time, at everything, including themselves. ~ Mikel O’Brien 

Mirrors and projections distorting our reflections. Let go of rejection to make better connections. ~ Edea Wainwright

Narrow minded people do that. Trying to find all your negativity and faults, blaming you with all kind of small things. The best way to do is just walk away and prove them they’re wrong. ~ Ika Bruun

People can only see what is outside of us, not the inside, but God only see what’s inside and knows all about our lives. ~ Gisele Joseph 

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