Someone’s inability to see your worth


Someone's inability to see your worth

Your value increases when you realize your own self worth. You determine your worth. No one else can do this but you. 

Your inner worth will be based on how you value your self. If you think and believe that you’re priceless, then who could undervalue you. ~ Ace Lagasca 

Stay as you are & focus your good zeal in life. Just pray for those people who ignore your worth. ~ Florita Ibarra 

Ones own self worth is far greater than another’s inability to see past their own short sighted judgment of others. ~ Stephen Stagg 

How some people pride themselves in having the ability to read people after a short talk. The truth is they really don’t know you at all. All they really know is your personality or lack of it and how you present yourself at the time. Many times we either underestimate or overestimate what an other person can do and cannot do. ~ Victoria Mack 

It’s their loss not seeing your worth. God made me and He only makes things of complete value. ~ Janice Williams 

Hard to believe sometimes. I have never felt very valuable, but somehow God loves me anyway. I know this is true because He picked me to belong to Him and I said yes. He makes me worth something. ~ Tanya Gaer 

I will continue to better myself & those who don’t see that can stand back & watch me do more. ~ Sue Clair 

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