Sometimes it’s very hard to move on


Sometimes it's very hard to move on

The first step is always the hardest.

Everyday is a gift, that’s why its called present. Open it!

It’s so hard when you still love that person and don’t clearly understand why it has to be over. ~ Michelle Calderon 

Sometimes you must close one door so you can open another. ~ Melinda Fox 

The hardest thing is to forgive those who constantly hurt you.

In such a small amount of time we can be taught so much. Change can be scary but necessary in so many ways. ~ Sarah Crellin 

You just need to make sure your timing is best for your situation. Keep going forward & don’t look back. ~ Sharon Lewis 

There’s so many reasons for us not to move on, but when we walk through that door, it’s all about shedding our skin and freedom. ~ Sharon Stiles 

Fear is paralysing. Waking through it and moving forward, is the very best thing to do. ~ Shawn Mcbride 

Problems come in your life to increase your will power and your strength. Hard decision is taken only when your will power is strong.

It is time to move on because too many alarms have gone off and I deserve to be happy. Every time this has happened to me I embrace the moment of change and seek to be aware of “Lessons Learned” and prepare my mindset to embrace the beauty of my future now moments. ~ Greg Dills 

At the end once you move on and look back it’s a victory filled with happiness. ~ Consuelo Lopez 

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