Sometimes you don’t realize the weight of something


Sometimes you don't realize the weight of something

The Ethiopians have a beautiful word “EFOOY” ! It signifies a mental and/or physical relief or the feeling of burden release. In life there are somethings we do carry without sharing them with anyone. It could be debt, guilt, secret, shame or any other thing crushing you the release of which give you peace and new oxygen of life. ~ Asnake Getachew

Life can be a roller-coaster of an adventure with highs and lows that rock your emotional being. It’s easy to fall into the trap of agonizing over things beyond our control, but the reality of the situation is this: stressing out over things beyond your control will not make your problems go away; it will make them a lot worse. ~ Xaurabh Vanxil 

There is no reason to carry the weight and hold yourself back. Staying in a negative situation and carrying the weight does not allow one to live their life. Staying in denial and making excuses not to leave wastes your own life and you never realize that until you are out from under the weight. ~ Denise Hecht 

I carried far too much for far too long and only wished I had had the strength to think about myself instead of making everyone else’s life ‘happy’. Putting yourself last in everything you do all your life is a burden we bring on ourselves. Only wish I had been strong enough to not want to carry on carrying on. ~ Di Barrow 

Let the anger go. It is like someone living rent free in your home. Only this time it is inside of you. Set yourself free and let it go.

Don’t let anything or anyone weigh you down. You were put on this earth to spread your wings and fly. Let go of all the negativity and let the positivity lift you up to soar threw the beauty of this earth. Enjoy your life to the fullest. Let your heart, body, soul and mind be free. ~ Crystal Wade 

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