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Forget what hurt you in the past

Forgive but don’t forget the life lessons. ~ Sim Wei Shan Sometimes we forget that if it wasn’t for the pain we wouldn’t learn the lesson. ~ Karin Gryder Experience in life always count. It serves as a key to strengthen us and build up a better future ahead of us. ~ Sheila Malabanan Life is about living and …

You can never change the past nor control the future

Beautiful valuable treasures indeed surpassing all the golds, diamonds etc. ~ Lilian Maina We all can learn from the innocent, innate, and natural love and compassion of children, unblemish by the world. ~ Sergio Vega We can create a better future by changing how we are and how we react to things today. ~ Nancy Vail

When thinking about life remember this

Just focus what I have to do right now to make everything better. I ain’t overthinking for my past and my future because it can influence my focus but still can learn from my past. ~ Rica Sihombing Forgive yourself and others for the past and don’t even think about the future. Just let your present moment …