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Never be defined by your past

It’s too bad other people only choose to remember the few times in your life you may have been bad or made a bad decision. ~ Maria Brown  The learning experiences can be pretty big and at the time you might not have the skills to move forward. That’s where good help and love and support come …

Forgive those who have wronged you

You must forgive and begin to love yourself. The rest will then take care of it’s self.  You first have to admit that you make mistakes. That is when you start to heal. When you admit to yourself is ok that you are not perfect you stop expecting everyone else to be. ~ Kim Dalby   

People drift in & out of your life

The name of the game is to denounce the characters and their own values. When they reveal their true colors which tell you a lot about themselves, it makes a story you may not even have expected. If it’s a good one, you continue. If not, you know that you just have to close that chapter …