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You can never change the past nor control the future

Beautiful valuable treasures indeed surpassing all the golds, diamonds etc. ~ Lilian Maina We all can learn from the innocent, innate, and natural love and compassion of children, unblemish by the world. ~ Sergio Vega We can create a better future by changing how we are and how we react to things today. ~ Nancy Vail

When thinking about life remember this

Just focus what I have to do right now to make everything better. I ain’t overthinking for my past and my future because it can influence my focus but still can learn from my past. ~ Rica Sihombing Forgive yourself and others for the past and don’t even think about the future. Just let your present moment …

If you don’t leave your past in the past

There is nothing you can change about the past. The future is uncertain but you can live in the now and be happy. It’s only on your mind, stop thinking about it, if it cross your mind, do some distraction, talk to your friends, have fun, throw away things that remind of your unpleasant past experiences.  …