Telling the truth & making someone cry is better


Telling the truth & making someone cry is better

There’s a big difference in telling the truth and being a smart ass. Most people who make you cry only pretend to be honest. They are actually just being rude mean and nasty. ~ Jeffry Brown 

If someone telling you the truth is being considered “rude, mean and nasty” it is not their fault. There is only one truth, and it usually hurts. It’s yours for being that way! ~ Mihai Claudiu 

Truth doesn’t always hurt it is helpful. When someone tells you something that hurts it maybe that they are wrong and the truth isn’t really what they are telling. The truth set us free. If someone says I don’t like you, that’s good because you know where you stand and their presence no longer matter. If they say I am unfaithful then good because you know where you stand. But the truth doesn’t have to be personal. It is usually about the other person and not about you it is their truth as they see it. They may say I don’t want go swim with you today rather than go with you. It is for the best for everyone. ~ Rosiena White 

If only everyone thought this way honesty won’t get you a lot of friends but it will get you the right ones.

A lie is a lie no matter how much sugar you put on it. It still comes out as a lie. Truth is always, always the better way, no matter what.

When he find the truth he will cry more and feel bad for himself that he was kept in the dark all the time and it can break the friendship so we should speak the truth and tell someone the truth as soon as possible he will cry but he will appreciate that we told him the truth in time. ~ Faizan Ahmad 

The truth may hurt but worth it, the truth will set us free, and you can face situation and move forward lies keep us bound need more lies to cover the first one keeps us bound going round in circles not going anywhere. ~ Leona Jones 

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