The strongest people cry themselves


The strongest people cry themselves

Sadness comes in the night, but joy comes in the morning. ~ Kevin Shaw

Experience helps you get through the next thing much easier and makes you strong. ~ Valerie Mcgill

There is nothing wrong in crying. There is a big difference between a person who feel sorry for oneself, cry all the time, feeling negative most of time. A person who is genuinely strong and happy within him/herself and at times do feeling emotional as a result of reflection (past) or fear (future). I admit I am a very strong and optimistic person however I also admit that there are times (rare though) where I sit and cry thinking about all the bad stuff happened in my life and some of the fears I have of some possible trauma in the near future. I believe that is what makes us human. And more importantly, one of the first steps of healing is letting the pain out and doing the reflection. Once you do that, it enables to come to terms with whatever happened in your life and make sense of it. This healing facilitates your strength. ~ Sharmi

There are times I feel vulnerable, helpless and I want to give up, but I prefer to hide that side of me because there are people who believe in me and these people get inspired somehow because of me. They are my family and for them I can put a smile in my face the whole day. The pain, I’ll bear it all for them. ~ Apagar Emmalyn

The experiences we all go through that makes us the person we are today.

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