People could just say how they feel like


People could just say how they feel like

Fear & pride get in the way of honesty and truth.

Sometimes we don’t say these things just because we know our words are not welcomed. If I only knew that I would make the other person happy I would say it the very second, but I am afraid that it will be take the other way around and also it would be nice if I can hear these words too. There always stay the question who is to be first. It is a privilege of a man to do so. ~ Ven Kosta 

Most people hate confrontation and the first thing they do when your up front with them about something is get on the defensive because no one likes to hear the truth. ~ Lynn Beksha 

It is unfortunate that those three sacred words [I love you] are thrown around too easily today. Also in today’s world showing or opening your affections towards others leaves some open to rejection and subsequent hurt and pain. Unfortunately these are life’s trials. ~ Rick London 

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