The way people treat you is not a statement about you


The way people treat you is not a statement about you

How you treat others is their karma, and how you respond is your karma.

If you are a jerk and have no compassion, etc. your own actions will get reactions from others and you throw out the head garbage. ~ Jennifer Mckinley 

If someone treats you badly it’s because they don’t like things about you. It does not mean its true, but the truth is they are only pretending to like you. If they don’t like you, don’t bother with them. If you do, that’s your own personal business. Just don’t accept their definition of who you are. You aren’t the you they think you are. Only you can say who and what your really are and feel. Sounds crazy to me too, but I can only do what I think is right. ~ Elaine Mecus 

The same can be said about how you treat people is a statement about who you are as a human being as well. Best bet – Let God into your life and rearrange you into who you should be and then start living your life for Him and then everything else will work its way out. ~ Debby Langewouters 

Whatever a person says or does isn’t about you. It affects you, but it can only be about the person doing the behavior. It is up to each of us to decide whether we will tolerate their behavior, but it never is about the person on the receiving end. ~ Sara Mims 

Lack of knowledge and understanding on the others part, jumping to conclusions & assuming intent, assuming the worst intent without communicating & asking for clarity is always very defining of another who knows nothing, but  they think they do. Truly sad state of affair that someone walks through life so unconscious, unaware. That level of unconsciousness does not add value to the life of others and thus are not worth any energy of having them in ones life. I am so grateful that I am blessed by such an amazing partner who shares this same thinking & together we value the same things in life, moving and growing into the people who we are striving to be, not perfect by all means, however we are partnered together by choice to keep learning and growing together & choosing life enriching relationships to be part of our lives creating what we want in life. Heart so full of love & joy for my beloved whom we are so perfectly matched. ~ Traci Roy  

I take nothing personal. It’s a reflection of the person. Never be upset with angry, rude, jealous people. They have problems and what they put out there in the world is a total reflection of them. ~ Jacqueline Stav 

I am grateful and appreciate each day of life I was given. I start every day with a grateful and positive attitude. This helps me to stay focused and active (not reactive) to life and helps me if a negative situation comes my way. Things can always be better, and things could always be worse. I really do feel so sorry for rude and greedy people. Their actions are their statements! Be Grateful, it’s really not that hard. ~ April Avila 

I am who God says I am, not what people say about me. ~ Etiene Arruda

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