There comes a day when you realize


There comes a day when you realize

Turn the page & move on to bigger & better opportunities. You deserve it.

The reason you turn the page is because the story you are reading is not a caring story. You turn the page to find a story that reflects the love you wish to find for yourself. Give the story a chance to change. ~ Cathy Erb 

Something better is ahead. God has a wonderful, magnificent life for you. Let go, let God work it out. He knows who belongs in your life and when faith to let go and patience to wait for what you deserve. ~ Kay Obrien 

If the book of life offers only heartbreak and pain then it’s time to close the book and move on seeking a new ‘Life Story’, then every day will be a sunshine happy day, instead of grey clouds and tears. ~ Katy Ford 

You will feel so free of that feeling of an emotional prison of uncertainty and that is only more reason to free yourself. Stay strong in you. Don’t lose yourself in another. They are supposed to add chapters to our fairy tale not produce horror stories that scar our heart and soul. Pray and move on. It’ll be the best decision you have ever made. ~ Izzy Pruitt 

It seems as though when I try to leave then environment I grew up in and around, it’s seems to pull me right back in, but these days I started turning pages and realize life is much more then what I have seen or lived and I would like to explore a lot more. Spread my wings and come back and tell of what I did and saw on a positive note. So that my seeds can see and do much more than I did at their age. ~ Tamara Colon 

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