You can’t change how people treat you


You can't change how people treat you

Don’t react just smile & keep quiet. They don’t know what’s on your mind.

Get over it and go on. Really helps to have folks that remind us we do not have to change to make someone else happy. ~ Linda Nelson

Sometimes if you can’t change the situation, change your attitude towards the situation. It’s a wake up call to them in changing your attitude towards them. So, people will realize that you don’t like what they are doing / saying to you and you are hurting too and because there are people who keep doing things they believed / knew they are right. People need to realize that you have the rights to change yourself if needed towards other people doings. But still, do the right thing and as much as possible not to hurt other people. ~ Avril Newman 

I struggle with this because the people I work with will continue to treat me poorly if I don’t raise my voice. It can be stressful. There was a time that I would just have a smile when people got nasty and it worked great. I would rather see them pissed then get myself worked up. Got to get back to that. ~ Kasia Hunsaker 

I wasted so much time in my life trying to have people care about me. I finally realized that there are some people that no matter what you do it won’t be enough. Now I try to be around those who make me like me for who I am and it make life so much better. ~ Debby Arnold 

Always remember the person that talks trash about someone to you will talk trash about you also, just give them time and turn your back.

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