You get what you tolerate


You get what you tolerate

People that are rude and disrespectful as people that are showing off how truly ignorant and selfish and dumb they really are. And any coment you make just brings you down to their level of stupidity

When you are too nice, there are people who takes advantage to walk all over you and expect for you to still be nice to accept anything they throw at you. Notice, there is a time for everything and a time to let rude people know where you stand in life and still be the nice person that you were born to be.

A word from a person’s mouth can either kill or hill that someone, but when a person making your life miserable and you don’t say a word to them, they think that you are scared and at the same time before open your mouth, all you need to do is to think of what you about to say, be positive and say whatever you need to say once and let go and let God take control. Remember, there are so many bullies out there, it is not just children to children, it also between adult and adult. Be yourself and do the best you can be as God created you to be. ~ Gisele Joseph 

The best thing I found is to distance yourself from people like that even if they are family. ~ Janet Garrett 

I stopped tolerating a lot and I am doing much better. ~ Amy Mcare 

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