A friend who secretly puts you down


A friend who secretly puts you down

Sometimes the closest friends are your worst enemies because they stab you in the back.

I love my enemies they are the one who made me strong. ~ Jun Arai 

Frenemies are worse than enemies. Very refreshing feeling once they’re out of your life though. Life is too short to hang around people that pretend to be your friend but don’t have your best interest at heart.

It took me twenty years to find out how much of a douche bag my ex-best friend was. Although he hurt me so badly, by calling me every name in the book, as well as defining my independence. I can’t be friends with someone who doesn’t respect me. I did forgive him a long time ago, but we can’t be friends anymore. ~ LaTrice Dowe 

Just live your own life & be happy with who you are. As long as your happy that’s all that counts. If you have a true friend you better hang on to him or her because nowadays they are few & for between. Smile & enjoy your day!

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