Be careful not to hurt people


Be careful not to hurt people

Words are so damaging and the hurtful ones are always remembered.

People have become too weak. Get yourself up and defend yourself. A life lesson we all could use. Hurtful things make us who we are and sometimes builds character. ~ Tera Lewis 

If someone keeps hacking away day after day after week after year for a long time, even a really strong heart gets chipped away. In fact, most of the time, you don’t even realize its happening till it is almost too late. ~ Belinda Macks 

You must always make sure if you do that to try your best to put it right anyway you can. ~ Jobird Britton 

Sometimes though at no fault of our own, a person can mistake something said or written to mean something that it doesn’t or they can believe it was intended for them when it in truth was not. We have a personal responsibility to govern and weigh out our thoughts and filter as best we can the things we take in and to not base life decisions on an assumption or one sided conversation or piece of information. ~ Jeri Porcaro 

It doesn’t matter how old you get, people still have the power to hurt you and chisel away at your heart. Happened to me recently and I am over 60. What makes it worse is when I look back, she knew exactly what she was doing. How can people say “sorry” when they know exactly what they are doing at the time. Anyway Onwards and Upwards. I will not let it kill me or my ability to love again. ~ Ed Skinner 

People can hurt you so much then you walk away, never to turn back.

God wants nothing but love even when we’ve feel that someone has been wrong toward us. God didn’t turn his back and walk away, forgive and move on less stress and the weight is lighter. ~ Sonja Myers

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