Category: Trust

Beware of the half truth

Smart is believing only half of what you hear, genius is knowing which half. You’ll get the wrong half, that’s the who point of it, to deceive. A Half truth is a LIE. A truth waiting for the other person to ask “the right question” is a LIE. The truth is always uncovered sooner or later …

Love just needs to be True

Love is not finding the perfect person, it’s learning to love an imperfect person perfectly. ~ Melody Santos Love is action if its true it will show and prove its self. ~ Neressa Shaw True love is its own kind of perfect. ~ Rose Hegele For real its not a joke playing with someone’s emotions that truly loves you. ~ Steve Fouts

Love cannot live without trust

Once trust is gone, so is the love. Trust & Respect,combine them altogether and you have a perfect Love. ~ Doris De Castro If you are not willing to try to rebuild the trust, then there really was no love in the first place. ~ Kelli Vick Trust is the basis of every relationship, be it personal or …