People talk about depression like it’s something Weak


Depression like it's something weak

It’s a tough battle, but as long as we believe in the beauty of our inner strength and our right to be able to speak without shame, we can get through this. I am living proof that depression does not just linger on the surface, it cuts deep into your soul. But, with inner strength, love, faith and surmountable support we can make it. ~ Anabela Loureiro

Darkness can cause fear, depression, loneliness and sorrow. The darkness of the soul has a similar effect on people. When light comes, it brings relief and a feeling of safety. The light of hope and peace flickers and dims when we face afflictions and trials. The only way to overcome the darkness is to turn to God. Instead of fearing the darkness, light a small candle of faith to brighten it. Walk in His light and soon you will find that the darkness has passed. With His light in your heart, each day becomes radiant for you.

The steps you take everyday build within you a strength that you never knew existed, until one day you stop and look and see just how strong you are and how far your journey has taken you

It’s a long hard climb. With proper medication and family support you can make it. I will have to take medication for the rest of my life, but it makes life worth living. I would never have survived without it. Nothing to be ashamed of. ~ Imogene Devins

I have been there, only because I let people put me there. I didn’t know how to handle things. I felt weak at the time, but I did come through it and I am the person I am because of it all. And above most I learned to just not care of what others think. ~ Sarand McCracken 

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