Know the value of things, not the price


Know the value of things, not the price

People need to educate them to appreciate the little things & life. Just do the best you can to teach them right. That material things is not everything & teach them to respect everyone around them & try to stay away from negativity. Teach them to be there for family, friends & others. The little things means so much more & knowing you made someone’s day makes one feel good. Smile & laugh often healthy to do so. ~ Joni Landry

Many parents today spend too much time & energy making sure their family is financially set, providing their children with all the material things they didn’t have as a child. However, during a time when kids need family the most, parents are often the busiest working and putting their children need for attention on hold. So despite attempts of promoting hard work ethics, our children are growing up with material things that we provided to make them happy. Unfortunately, what was needed is the relationship between a parent and a child, one generation passing on the knowledge and gifts to another. Spend time with your children, outside, without spending money by taking a walk in the park, a picnic, playing ball, or just stop along the way to smell the roses. It is the quality of time we spend with our children that matters and doesn’t cost a cent, and the pay off is priceless. ~ Debbie Mefferd

Materialism is not the same as being rich. To be rich we must be self disciplined & learn to spend less than we make and whoever can teach their children how to do that will have given them a key to the puzzle of life & happiness. I want my kids to be very wealthy & very happy. Values & integrity are to never be compromised and wealth follows talent mixed with discipline. Money is important and It should be added to a life based on loving values. ~ Natasha Rhoza

Kids need to be taught to strive and to dream big because without ambition and dreams they are not living up to the best of their abilities. ~ Jennifer Burnette

When I was young five years old my teacher asked me what’s happiness, I wrote be satisfied. My friends were surprised by my answer and even my teacher. ~ Hamza Benyahia

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