Material things mean nothing in life


Material things mean nothing in life

A simple life with love, healthy family and friends is all you need!
Enoughness that’s all that’s needed, enough food and water, enough shelter and protection from the elements. Some people die and have never understood enoughness! People are the treasures in our lives not possessions. ~ Karen Phillips 
Life is a balance. Nowadays it feels like it’s increasingly more difficult to strike the balance.
Sometimes that well being is dependent on material things like a roof over you head and enough money to buy adequate food or medical care. Life is a balance between the material and spiritual and as we are spiritual beings on a physical journey and unable to leave out bodies until we die. Sometimes we need to take care of the material as it is a material world in which we exist. Parents realise that all too acutely when you have other lives to nurture. Yes what is in the heart is of ultimate importance but sometimes we need to remember that we need the physical requirements to keep it beating. ~ Cate Hamilton 

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