Never regret


Never regret

You must learn to accept what life brings you. Karma says it all. 

You can have a good experiences in life as well as bad, but never regret the good one and learn from the bad. It will help you make right or wrong decision.

I will regret bad choices I have made that have caused hurt to others. Hopefully, I will learn from my bad choice and not make again, therefore not hurting more. Life is about learning, and we learn from our mistakes. Even though I may indeed learn from my choices, I also will take responsibility for the intrinsic results of my decisions that are thrust onto others innocent of my choice. Staying in a guilt-ridden state, on the other hand is counter-productive. I can regret the injury I might have caused others, but move up to a higher plane of awareness assuring I won’t repeat that mistake, but rest assured, we will all continue to make mistakes and hopefully learn from them. If we have caused suffering to others, we need to recognize that, admit our fault, sincerely beg their forgiveness, and move forward. ~ Judith Twitchell

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