No one knows how much you’re hurt


No one knows how much you’re hurt

Some things take time & energy. Don’t judge! The heart / head heals in its own time. 

You have no idea what someone else is going through unless you are going through it yourself.

The person experiencing the steps of grieving and depression needs to understand that others will condemn their decision and time, but it is through their own time and learning that they will gain the full appreciation of this growing moment. ~ Karen Martz 

Recovery does take time, hurting comes like a flash of lightning, but the repair resounds and rumbles like thunder till everything is washed away by the showers of healing. ~ Sheila Beliram 

Everyone is different and handles things in their own way and own time. Don’t push because sometimes that listening ear means the world to them. ~ Betty Way 

Everyone is truly an individual and coming to terms with sadness and loss is different for all of us. It’s the understanding and support by others that helps everyone through the journey of life. ~ Roger Barber

You have to give yourself a window and timescale or spend the rest of your life in self pity which some misconstrued as mourning, the deceased are gone. The greatest way to honor them is to have a good rest of your life. The love that wasn’t forever isn’t meant to be, choose life and start again. Sometimes if you are lucky love will find you and fill your heart again. ~ Linda Castle

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