Smile at people who are having a rough day


Smile at people who are having a rough day

A smile is a small thing, when it comes from the heart it really shines. ~ Ernest Gaspari 

Always, it doesn’t cost you a thing but gives much.Your just one smile can brighten up somebody’s day. ~ Maria Luisa

If you see someone without a smile. Give them yours. ~ Jamie Howell 

You never know what someone is going through and a smile might just be what that person needs to see. ~ Ann Sellman 

Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing. ~ Marlizper Centinales 

People often underestimate the power behind a smile. A simple heart felt smile can change the course of a day. It can give hope to the hopeless. It can provide strength where someone is weak. It’s a hug you offer with you face instead of your arms. ~ Jill Newsom 

Smile! Just make it a habit to anyone you meet or cross path everyday. It doesn’t hurt to smile. Gives facial muscle exercise. If people don’t response, it’s them, not you that are negative. Keep on going. ~ Norma Powell 

There are all kinds of smiles, sympathetic ones, and going to someone with that kind of smile and asking them if they are okay or can I help? Can make someone’s day, can even save a life. Holding back a friendly smile (not grin ear to ear) because you’re worried about their reaction, well, if we all did that, we would be a pretty distant cold society. If they react like that to your kind gesture, they need Anger Management Courses. ~ Brigitte Nicole

Some folks are pretty good about hiding the fact that they’re having a rough day, but if you make it a practice to smile at everyone. Well then, you’re covered. ~ Susan McGinley 

Love smiling at others. Always have! It comes naturally for me. God gave that to share with others. ~ Melissa Montez 

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