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I’ll fall asleep with you in my heart

With the Lights and for tomorrow with the Sun. ~ Rawda Sarrail She will stay always in my heart. My endless love because you mean the world to me. And you will be only one. And I’ll give you my love. ~ Alex Syriano The last thing someone special to you sees before hitting the pillow. ~ Bethellen Keefe

Always kiss your children Good night

My mom did religiously. Never went to bed without a kiss and hug and her telling us goodnight and she loved us. Never heard that enough. ~ Danielle Jacoby I do every time. Even if I’m going out to the shops or work, I give them a kiss and say love you. Because you never know what …

When we are being compassionate

Teach your children to have compassion for all and respect as well. Their world will be a better place to live and get along in. ~ LaVonne Ostrom When a person is compassionate most likely HE/SHE is communicating through heart. ~ Angie Ruaya Children only know what they are taught. Love them and teach them well. ~ Ellen Burns …