The happiest people don’t necessarily have the best of everything


The happiest people don't necessarily have the best of everything

Acceptance of what is and being grateful with it!

In life we are given many challenges but trust in God and all will be ok. 

One nation in particular where we spend a few months are some of the poorest in this world materially but the kindest, most caring, most generous and most happy people I have ever met. Always smiling! Taught me a lot. ~ Kay Vidovich 

Though we felt we had the best of everything; family, friends, good jobs and everlasting love and most of all the love of ” GOD ” That’s why we feel so graciously blessed. That’s why we were able to make the most of what we given to work with. ~ Carlos Ruiz 

Life is what you make it you can be happy with the simple things in life like the love of family, it’s free. The love of your partner, it’s free, the love of a child its also free, that’s why the simple things in life are free and no matter how poor you are. ~ Julie Taylor 

Life is about choices, make good and bad ones, bad and good things happen to you just say thank you, God has a reason for everything that happens to you and everyone around you, fear and weakness makes you stronger more than you think, being strong is a choice. You decide to be happy, doesn’t depend on anyone but yourself, some answers will come to you without expecting. Patience is a new virtue, some little ones in your life makes you understand and feel why you are living, you cannot make decisions for other people because you know why you are making choices for your children, not because peeps around you. You know why you are doing it people will not understand but as long as God understands it that what only really matters. Don’t force anything, if God has given you something appreciate it the way it is, just live life without worries, smile as long as you can and stay around people you love. Be blessed and be stronger in life. ~ Wendy Perreau 

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