The strongest women fight battles nobody knows about


The strongest women fight battles nobody knows about

It doesn’t mean that your are weak, maybe just because you don’t want to show how fighter you are by facing alone. ~ Fritzie Galea

“Love beyond all faults” when a woman is in love. Her heart refuses to see faults and she has no regrets. ~ Laura King

As long as you have that faith in yourself that you are going make it no matter how hard the struggle is or how overwhelming the obstacles coming your way it is the hope of realizing your dream that motivates you to continue and never buckle with the pressure. The strength you draw from the power of prayers even when it seems like no one understands or lend a hand is the only thing you have for the moment and that itself makes a woman powerful and can face even bigger trials. ~ Norma Powell

The times that were the hardest seemed to make me stronger. I don’t find myself as the type that is conceded, I’ve have always been strong and never realized it. I felt like a loner but, I was never alone. (another gift in this life I have found) and another Story. I know what Strong is and I am Strong and very proud of it. ~ Susan Harmon

They cry behind closed doors because they are strong enough to deal with what life brings and believe they can win any battle. I am blessed to have strong women for friends. ~ Dixie Fleming

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