When you forgive, you do not erase the memory


When you forgive, you do not erase the memory

The most empowering thing you can do is simply forgive them, thank them for what you once had and all you shared wish them well for the future then gracefully pick up your bag and drift off into the sunset. Life goes on! ~ John Christian 

I cannot live with bitterness in my heart. It’s the only way to live. Forgive, learn from it and let go. ~ Brigitte Nicole

Don’t let a circumstance in life turn you into a bitter person. Continue being a loving and forgiving person. ~ Kari Castillo

This is a very powerful reminder. Holding to past hurts causes smoldering within. The hurt slowly spills over into our life with a constant bitterness. We need to face the fact that the world and others do not march to the tune we are playing. There will be conflict between how we expect things to happen and how they happen. As we become more and more mature in our acceptance of the world as it is, the easier and easier it becomes to experience pain without needing to “make someone pay for it.” 

You don’t always have to speak to the person, to forgive them. In case of death or not being able to speak to that person. You just have to be able to forgive in your heart and go on with your life. It will give you the right to be able to move on forward, without carrying the pain with you all of the time. ~ Marie Spencer 

Unforgiveness is like drinking poison meant for someone else.

When there is a need for forgiveness, it is a dual need. We need it for our own healing, but also, when we release the other from that same, even if they are unaware. We help the healing process in their life and thus, make the world a better place, one drop in the ocean at a time. ~ Amy Pfleegor 

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