You cannot hang out with negative people


You cannot hang out with negative people

I have known some who are negative all the time. Cursing God, cursing men constantly complaining, having a bad attitude about life in general, gossiping, belittling, just basically putting a dark cloud over people’s head. A true sign that they are not happy. You can try and try to help those people but they have to want to change. It is just too complicated and too draining. They clearly need therapy. I suspect underlying issues. We can’t fix them and if you “hang around them”. No matter how good your intentions are, you will suffer consequences. Let them go with love and pray for them. ~ Brigitte Nicole

Negativity brings negativity and I try not to associate with negative people because misery loves company and I refuse to be negative and don’t like being around people like that. They will just bring you down to their level. ~ Dave Pelletier 

I have always believed in positivity. There are enough bad things in life that you don’t have to dwell on negativity. Always look for the good things in life. They are out there. ~ Janice Lemaster 

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