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Be a girl with a mind & a woman with attitude

Intelligent mind and definitely, a lady with class, is the best way to be. It’s natural to have a mind, but question is if it’s the right mind; it’s easy to have an attitude, question is if it’s the wisest that reveals great character; but it’s not easy to have ‘class’, it takes the right breeding,right …

How you will get the right woman?

To all us raising young men, single ladies if you complain you can’t find a good Man, remember it’s also our jobs to raise one. ~ Addie Kitchell Don’t worry about finding one. Just worry about what makes her happy. If you can’t do that, you’ll never be happy. ~ Jammin Miller

You are a strong woman who refuses to be defeated

We are all bruised, crushed, or broken at some point, if not yesterday or today then perhaps tomorrow but we pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and get on with our lives, having gained more strength along the journey, except those, of course, who end up wallowing in their own self-pity! ~ Ellie Ryder  I went through …