Don’t chase after people anymore


Don't chase after people anymore

Being happy in the company of another that we don’t have to chase around is the best. Also, being thankful with the people who wishes to be around us gives us contentment with the company we keep.~ Louise Ketchup

A few people have hurt me so bad that it brought down my health, stress kills. Lessons learned as you have to let go of toxic people that make you unhappy. I’m now content to be on my own. ~ Patrick Keogh 

Happiness depends on how you cope and understand the situation you’re going through. Only you can make you happy. Stop worrying about other’s problems. You don’t know what they are going through either. In other words mind your own business.

If you have to chase after something simply means there is something wrong. You should let things come to you naturally then only a thing called unconditional love will ever exist and always follow your gut instincts. If it says something is not right then it usually ain’t and it’s time to let go. Not trying to say you are wrong, just an opinion.~ Amit Thapa

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