If you spend your time hoping someone will suffer


If you spend your time hoping someone will suffer

After being used, abused, and betrayed, I used to do this and found myself profoundly unhappy and unnecessarily preoccupied. There is nothing productive or satisfying about waiting around for Karma to exact some measure of revenge for you. It’s much easier and more gratifying to let go and trust God’s will, plan, and timing. ~ Kimberley Martin 

Empowering yourself is what it’s all about. Not for hurting others but helping yourself.

All I can say is this: be better than the one that hurt you. When you forgive you’re allowing your heart to let go and when you expect the person to suffer you hold on to that anger. It’s disappointing to hurt yourself twice. ~ Kristen Napolitano 

You have to learn to let things go. If you harbor resentment in your heart you can not grow or receive the blessings that are for you. You may never know or find out but the person who hurt you will get their retribution back in some form or the other. But it’s not worth your time. ~ Earlette Bonner 

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