Pain Changes People


Pain Changes People

Pain is a great spiritual teacher. ~ Eckhardt Tolle

Pain makes us stronger if you utilize it properly.

Some people it makes better, but some people it makes bitter.

Physical & emotional. Emotional pain takes a toll on the body & physical pain on the emotions. Vicious circle.

Pain changes you when you don’t understand the role you played in the situation and the lesson that life is trying to teach you as a result of the role you played. At the end of the day it’s all about you and what life is trying to do and whether your in line or in the way. ~ La-Nay Batchelor 

People who are lucky enough not to experience chronic pain day in day out have no idea what it means having to live your life in such a way. It takes you down to levels you never knew you could go to. ~ Debbie Jillians 

My chronic pain has given me patience with slow movers, given me a chance to understand and cheer others on. ~ Andrea Padilla 

Appreciate the pain, it is not you, it is here to help you know what ‘lack’ of pain is like. Without pain, how will you enjoy and appreciate the opposite? Be Grateful.

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