People will always spread rumors about you


People will always spread rumors about you

SMALL Minds discuss PEOPLE, AVERAGE Minds discuss Events, GREAT Minds discuss IDEAS, so those who spread rumours are having small minds, then YOU & ME are in a better position or higher if not in the highest level because we are discussing IDEAS and BRAINSTORMING for PROGRESS and SUCCESS, then who is much more BLESSED? ~ Grace Salinel

It’s all a matter of taking the power back as this is the most powerful thing to do and raise above it and ignore it. When a dog barks you allow it to keep back but don’t go to that level and bark back. Instead of cursing the darkness you light a powerful candle in your mindset and allow the evil darkness to vanish. ~ Amir Patel

Its all small town talk. You know how people are. They cant stand watching others do what they want to do. People nowadays (some anyway) just aren’t happy for other peoples happiness any more. So you can sit in your own house, mind your own business and somewhere, some people is talking about you and spreading lies. I’ve come to not care any more cause before anyone judges anyone, you better make sure your perfect. ~ Sunday Pillstrom 

People will never stop talking whether good or bad. So whether they do or not, it’s only what God thinks or says about you that matters. Just soar like an eagle; refuse the negative and claim the positive. ~ Brenda Motutu

They live with garbage in their lives and so they want others to be miserable like them. Rise above them and the Lord will lift you up. ~ Brenda Motutu

Take your power back. Getting upset is what allows them to win more than whatever talk they actually engage in. ~ Shelby Baker

Those people who spread rumours are not worth bothering with. Rise above and don’t listen. ~ Christine Smith

Their life must be boring, and so in the end it does not matter to me any more, and in so doing this they nothing better else to do. I really feel so sorry for them. ~ Val Brazier

It kills them to know you won’t lower yourself to their standards. ~ Pamela Knapp

People need to know the thing called Karma what goes around will surely come around. Till then we should Keep Smiling

Smile and know that you have a purpose here on earth, to help others and make a good difference. ~ Ursula Byington

These people are too busy worrying about other people than their own sad lives. ~ Frances Power

A lot of it has to do with which step of the ladder you’re on. The higher you go, the more you have to put up with small minded idiots. ~ Cindy Cook

Smile at your enemy’s, it keeps them guessing. Don Wyman

I became a better, stronger person, by not letting the rumours get to my head. Ignore them or work through them. If they are not true your heart will be at rest. ~ Mickey Neph

We hurt because we let them control us. Let’s learn to rise above them. ~ Venita Kohli

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