Waiting for someone else to make you happy


Waiting for someone else to make you happy

There’s one, and only one, person in this world that can make you happy. The one you look at in the mirror each day. ~ Robert Hudson

We must realize that within ourselves we hold the key to our own happiness. ~ Kelli Davis

That is the reason we make huge mistakes in our lives, the only person in this world who can make us happy is the one who created us to show His mercy and Glory our Heaven Father, the creator of our spirit and soul. He knows us best and he never makes a mistake. When we let Him guide our life he makes things wonderful and teaches us to know the difference between what is true and wrong. ~ Verna Martin

If we cannot find it in ourselves, how can we expect it from others. ~ Karen Cook

The only person that can make you happy or upset is you. ~ Candice Lamb

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